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BINDER tecsys

BINDER-tecsys Kontakte GmbH (Employees: ca. 120)
As a manufacturer and supplier of punching and drawing parts for power electronics and the automotive industry, BINDER-tecsys has been very successful since 1960. In addition to metal-plastic composite parts, the product range also includes components for bonding technology and self-adhesive automation. With its locations in Pforzheim (Baden-Wuerttemberg) and Kahla (Thueringen), Binder-tecsys produces contacts in Germany. The company Binder-tecsys, as a company specializing in special-purpose machine construction, has the necessary expertise to develop its own tools and machines, thereby setting up the most important characteristics of the competition. In recent years, the focus has increasingly shifted to power electronics, which in the meantime accounts for over 70% of the total turnover. Innovations such as unthreaded punching or special compounding tools have made this possible.

Robert Bosch GmbH

The Bosch Group inlcudes Robert Bosch GmbH and its approximately 440 subsidiaries and regional companies in around 60 countries. Including trade and service partners, Bosch's global manufacturing and sales network covers more than 150 countries. The basis for future growth is the innovative power of the company. Bosch employs 55 800 people worldwide in research and development at around 118 locations. The Bosch Group's strategic goal is to provide solutions for networked life. With innovative and inspiring products and services Bosch world-wide the quality of life of the people. Bosch offers "technology for life".


F & K DELVOTEC has been active in wirebond technology for 40 years and supplies bonding machines worldwide for numerous applications in the semiconductor and electronics industry. As a medium-sized company based in Ottobrunn near Munich, the company employs about 110 people worldwide. Numerous machine and process innovations confirm the outstanding technological position especially in applications with the highest quality requirements, such as electronics for the aerospace industry or the automotive industry. As the latest breakthrough in development, the laser bonder was presented together with the Fraunhofer ILT. It offers the technological possibilities of laser welding simultaneously with the enormous flexibility of a wire bonder

Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

The Heraeus technology group, headquartered in Hanau, Germany, was founded in 1851 and is today the world's leading family-owned company. With professional competence, innovation orientation, operational excellence and entrepreneurial leadership, we strive to continually improve our economic performance.
We create high-quality solutions for our customers and strengthen their competitiveness in the long term by combining material competence with technology know-how. Our ideas focus on topics such as environment, energy, health, mobility and industrial applications. Our portfolio ranges from components to coordinated materials systems. They are used in a variety of industries including steel, electronics, chemicals, automotive and telecommunications.
In fiscal 2015, Heraeus generated sales of € 1.9 billion excluding precious metals and a total sales of € 12.9 billion. With around 12,500 employees worldwide in more than 100 locations in 38 countries, Heraeus has a leading position in its global sales markets

Fraunhofer-Institut for Laser Technology ILT

Fraunhofer-Institut für Lasertechnik ILT
© Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen

The Fraunhofer Institute of Laser Technology ILT, as one of the largest laser institutes in Europe, has a broad base for the development of laser beam sources with process-adapted wavelengths and performance characteristics for industrial manufacturing. Furthermore, the ILT develops innovative and economical laser processing methods for different materials and has a large number of laser beam sources with different wavelengths from 157 nm to 10600 nm and arbitrarily adjustable temporal and local performance characteristics. In particular, the ILT has various beam sources and laser welding and cutting facilities. In addition, corresponding measuring techniques are also available for the development and analysis of laser processes.